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Game Announcement! Pandainia: Panda Pick-Up

We did it! There’s been many lessons learnt and more than a few unforeseen set backs, but finally, vK Games is proud present our debut app – Pandainia: Panda Pick-Up.


High in the mystical mountains of Minshan is a secret hidden sanctuary called Pandainia. A place where pandas eat, sleep and play under the watchful gaze of a golden panda statue. It’s time for the panda family photo, but wait… The Pandas of Pandainia are missing!

In Pandainia: Panda Pick-up, the player is against the clock to find all of the wandering pandas and get them back to the Panda Temple in time for the photo.

The higher the level, the more pandas to wrangle. 

The game starts with players looking for one roaming panda. More pandas are added as the levels progress.

Unlock items to entertain the pandas. 

The pandas are easily distracted. They’ll follow butterflies, sleep in patches of comfy long grass and feast on wild bamboo. As you level up, you will unlock new items like Beach Balls and Tyre Swings, that can be used in the game world for the pandas to interact with to stop them wandering off.

Watch out for their mood swings.

Happy pandas are sleepy pandas, but an unhappy panda may get angry and run away. Use items to improve the pandas’ moods.

More pandas, more points, more coins.

Points are scored by getting all of the pandas to the Panda Temple area before the timer runs out. The quicker the pandas are retrieved, the more points scored. Points are converted into coins, and these coins can be used to buy items in the ‘in-game shop’.

Beautifully designed 3D game world.

The Pandainia world has been crafted to be a rich, colourful arena for the pandas to inhabit. As the player progresses through the levels, the game area increases, revealing more of the panda’s world.

Simple Drag & Drop gameplay.

Utilising intuitive gestures, players navigate the game world with a swipe, move pandas with a drag & drop motion, and even zoom in and out with a pinch.

Time Challenge and Sandbox modes.

The objective of the Time Challenge game is to retrieve all the pandas before the timer runs out. Sandbox mode takes a more serene approach, allowing the user to watch and interact with the pandas without the constant pressure of the timer.

PANDAINIA Panda Pick-Up on iPhone

Pandainia: Panda Pick-Up is available to download now for both iOS and Android devices.

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Google Play Store

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